Baseball Season Begins

I noticed that I haven’t mentioned my beloved Red Sox yet this year, but with the first series against the God-Damned Mother-Fucking Yankees finished — Boston took three of four — it finally feels like baseball season.

The team looks a little shaky so far without Nomar or Trot in the lineup for the foreseeable future, but pitching should keep Boston in decent shape until they return. And articles such as this one keep the optimism high.

We have our Red Sox flag flying and are trying to get a satellite TV service. If we take the plunge, don’t expect to hear much from me until October.

In the works are pieces on Shattered Glass and the fantastic Spanish film Intacto. The missus, Bad Dog Ginger, and I suffered through The Matrix Revolutions and Scarface over the weekend, but I shan’t be writing about those; they’re worth neither the time nor the effort.

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