Favorite Songs (Artists A-M)

I don’t expect many people to actually read through this entire list, let alone try to find patterns or analyze it. But it’s an interesting ongoing exercise for me, listening to the collection album by album, song by song, and figuring out which ones I like best. I’ve really barely begun the process, because I have a lot of CDs. I’ll update this list every time I add a hundred songs or so.

What this list isn’t:

  • the best songs ever.
  • great songs.
  • comprehensive.
  • a guide to being cool through musical taste.

What this list is:

  • more than 700 songs I love.

What you can learn from this list:

  • that I like driving rock songs, a strong instrumental melody, dissonance, feedback, and minor keys.
  • that I’m a sucker for the opening tracks of albums.
  • That, as with movies, my tastes solidified in the early 1990s and are largely informed by that period; in other words, I don’t like a lot of old stuff.
  • that I prefer Grant Hart’s songs to Bob Mould’s, which explains why I’ve never had much use for Mould as a solo artist.
  • that I love the Butchies.

This page includes artists from letters A through M. For N through Z, click here

Alice in ChainsAngry ChairDirt1992
Alice in ChainsWould?Dirt1992
Alkaline Trio, TheThis Could Be LoveGood Mourning2003
Alkaline Trio, TheBlue CarolinaGood Mourning2003
Amos, ToriSmells Like Teen SpiritCrucify (EP)1992
Amos, ToriCrucifyLittle Earthquakes1992
Amos, ToriPrecious ThingsLittle Earthquakes1992
Amos, ToriWinterLittle Earthquakes1992
Amos, ToriLeatherLittle Earthquakes1992
Amos, ToriIieeeFrom the Choirgirl Hotel1998
Amos, ToriSparkFrom the Choirgirl Hotel1998
Amos, ToriCruelFrom the Choirgirl Hotel1998
Amos, ToriBlack-Dove (January)From the Choirgirl Hotel1998
Amos, ToriRaspberry SwirlFrom the Choirgirl Hotel1998
Amos, ToriHotelFrom the Choirgirl Hotel1998
Amos, ToriStrange Little GirlStrange Little Girls2001
Amos, ToriHeart of GoldStrange Little Girls2001
Amos, Tori97 Bonnie and ClydeStrange Little Girls2001
Amos, ToriRaining BloodStrange Little Girls2001
Anthrax and Public EnemyBring the NoiseAttack of the Killer B’s1991
Apple, FionaLimpWhen the Pawn ...1999
Apple, FionaLove RiddenWhen the Pawn ...1999
Apple, FionaThe Way Things AreWhen the Pawn ...1999
At the Drive-inNapoleon SoloIn Casino Out1998
At the Drive-inFor Now ... We ToastIn Casino Out1998
At the Drive-inArcarsenalRelationship of Command2000
At the Drive-inOne Armed ScissorRelationship of Command2000
Badly Drawn BoySay It AgainThe Hour of Bewilderbeast2000
Badly Drawn BoyStone on the WaterThe Hour of Bewilderbeast2000
Badly Drawn BoyBorn AgainHave You Fed the Fish?2002
Badly Drawn BoyLogic of a FriendOne Plus One Is One2004
Badly Drawn BoySummertime in WintertimeOne Plus One Is One2004
Badly Drawn BoyTake the GloryOne Plus One Is One2004
Badly Drawn BoyPlan BOne Plus One Is One2004
Barber, SamuelOverture for The School for ScandalAdagio For Strings/Overture/First Essay/Music For A Scene From Shelley/Second Essay/Symphony No.1 1992
Barber, SamuelFirst Essay for OrchestraAdagio For Strings/Overture/First Essay/Music For A Scene From Shelley/Second Essay/Symphony No.1 1992
Barber, SamuelMusic for a Scene from ShelleyAdagio For Strings/Overture/First Essay/Music For A Scene From Shelley/Second Essay/Symphony No.1 1992
Beastie BoysSo What’cha WantCheck Your Head1992
Beastie BoysIntergalacticHello Nasty1998
BeckDevils HaircutOdelay1996
BeckLost CauseSea Change2002
BeckThe Golden AgeSea Change2002
BeckSunday SunSea Change2002
BeckLittle OneSea Change2002
Bikini KillI Like FuckingThe Singles1998
BjörkI’ve Seen It AllSelmasongs2000
BjörkNew WorldSelmasongs2000
Black Keys, TheSet You FreeThickfreakness2003
Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubSuddenlyTake Them on, on Your Own2003
Black, Frank, and the CatholicsRobert OnionDog in the Sand2001
Blind Boys of Alabama, TheAmazing GraceSpirit of the Century2001
BlurSong 2Blur1997
Bowie, DavidSpace OdditySpace Oddity1969
Bowie, DavidSaviour MachineThe Man Who Sold the World1970
Bowie, DavidThe Man Who Sold the WorldThe Man Who Sold the World1970
Bowie, David, and Massive AttackNature BoyMoulin Rouge (soundtrack)2001
Buffalo SpringfieldMr. SoulBuffalo Springfield Again1967
Buffalo SpringfieldExpecting to FlyBuffalo Springfield Again1967
ButchiesEverything Electrical Will StayAre We Not Femme?1998
ButchiesSalamanderAre We Not Femme?1998
ButchiesThe Galaxy Is GayAre We Not Femme?1998
ButchiesTo Be Broadcast LiveAre We Not Femme?1998
ButchiesInsult to InjuryPopulation 19751999
ButchiesIt’s OverPopulation 19751999
ButchiesLove in the HourPopulation 19751999
ButchiesFor Kay32001
ButchiesForget Your Calculus32001
ButchiesHuh Huh Hear32001
ButchiesThe Wedding Disaster32001
ButchiesLydiaMake Yr Life2004
ButchiesMake Yr LifeMake Yr Life2004
ButchiesTroubleMake Yr Life2004
ButchiesSend Me YouMake Yr Life2004
CadallacaFiretrapIntroducing Cadallaca1998
CadallacaYou’re My Only OneIntroducing Cadallaca1998
CadallacaNight VandalsIntroducing Cadallaca1998
CadallacaO ChenillaIntroducing Cadallaca1998
CadallacaOut WestOut West (EP)2000
Case, NekoGhost WiringBlacklisted2002
Case, NekoLook for Me (I’ll Be Around)Blacklisted2002
Case, NekoThings That Scare MeBlacklisted2002
Case, NekoI Wish I Was the MoonBlacklisted2002
Cash, JohnnyHurtAmerican IV: The Man Comes Around2002
Cat PowerFreeYou Are Free2003
Cat PowerI Don’t Blame YouYou Are Free2003
Cat PowerSpeak for MeYou Are Free2003
Cat PowerWerewolfYou Are Free2003
Cat PowerHe WarYou Are Free2003
Cave, Nick, and the Bad SeedsThe Weeping SongThe Good Son1990
Cave, Nick, and the Bad SeedsDo You Love Me?Let Love In1994
Cave, Nick, and the Bad SeedsWhere the Wild Roses GrowMurder Ballads1996
Chambers, KaseyBarricades and BrickwallsBarricades and Brickwalls2002
Chambers, KaseyPonyWayward Angel2004
Chambers, KaseyWayward AngelWayward Angel2004
Church, TheUnder the Milky WayStarfish1988
Clash, TheLondon CallingLondon Calling1979
Clash, TheRudie Can’t FailLondon Calling1979
Clash, TheThe Guns of BrixtonLondon Calling1979
CoilTainted LovePanic1985
CoilOstia (The Death of Pasolini)Horse Rotorvator1986
CoilRavenousHorse Rotorvator1986
CoilCardinal PointsGold Is the Metal with the Broadest Shoulders1987
CoilEither His, or YoursGold Is the Metal with the Broadest Shoulders1987
Cranberries, TheSalvationTo the Faithful Departed1996
Crosby, Stills, Nash, and YoungOhioSo Far1974
Cure, TheNever EnoughMixed Up1990
Cypress HillTroubleStoned Raiders2001
Death Cab for CutieTitle and RegistrationTransatlanticism2003
Death Cab for CutieExpo ‘86Transatlanticism2003
Division of Laura LeeNumber OneBlack City2002
Division of Laura LeeDoes ComputeDas Not Compute2004
Division of Laura LeeBreath BreathDas Not Compute2004
Division of Laura LeeDirty LoveDas Not Compute2004
Division of Laura LeeTo the Other SideDas Not Compute2004
Donelly, TanyaThe Night You Saved My LifeBeautysleep2002
Dougher, SarahThe BluffThe Bluff2001
Dowd, JohnnyGod Created WomanPictures from Life’s Other Side1999
Drive-By TruckersRonnie and NeilSouthern Rock Opera2001
Drive-By TruckersHell No, I Ain’t HappyDecoration Day2003
Drive-By TruckersSink HoleDecoration Day2003
Drovers, TheJuliette/The TantrumWorld of Monsters1992
Drovers, TheThe Boys and the BabiesWorld of Monsters1992
Drovers, TheLove Won’t BeWorld of Monsters1992
Drovers, TheHeld Your Hand Like YesterdayWorld of Monsters1992
Drovers, TheAll Good Times Are Past and GoneWorld of Monsters1992
Drovers, TheBook of SongsWorld of Monsters1992
Edwards, Kathleen12 BellevueFailer2003
Edwards, KathleenMariaFailer2003
Edwards, KathleenSix O’Clock NewsFailer2003
EelsGoing to Your Funeral Part IElectro-Shock Blues1998
EelsLast Stop: This TownElectro-Shock Blues1998
Excuse 17Special Guest, MeSuch Friends Are Dangerous1995
Excuse 175 AcresSuch Friends Are Dangerous1995
Excuse 17Forever FiredSuch Friends Are Dangerous1995
Excuse 17I’d Rather Eat GlassSuch Friends Are Dangerous1995
Faith No MoreEpicThe Real Thing1989
Faith No MoreMidlife CrisisAngel Dust1992
Faith No MoreThe Gentle Art of Making EnemiesKing for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime1995
Faith No More and Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.Another Body MurderedJudgment Night (soundtrack)1993
FantomasRosemary’s BabyThe Director’s Cut2001
Flaming Lips, TheFight TestYoshimi Battles the Pink Robots2002
Flaming Lips, TheYoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 2Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots2002
Flaming Lips, TheIn the Morning of the MagiciansYoshimi Battles the Pink Robots2002
Flaming Lips, TheDo You Realize?Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots2002
FocusHocus PocusMoving Waves1971
Fountains of WayneStacy’s MomWelcome Interstate Managers2003
Fountains of WayneMexican WineWelcome Interstate Managers2003
Franz Ferdinand40’Franz Ferdinand2004
Franz FerdinandCome on HomeFranz Ferdinand2004
Franz FerdinandJacquelineFranz Ferdinand2004
GenesisSupper’s ReadyFoxtrot1972
GenesisThe KnifeGenesis Live1973
Gits, TheAnother Shot of WhiskeyFrenching the Bully1992
Gits, TheIt All Dies AnywayFrenching the Bully1992
Golijov, OsvaldoDreams and Prayers of Isaac the BlindDreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind1997
Górecki, HenrykSymphony Number 3 (First Movement)Symphony Number 3 (Nonesuch)1992
Gossip, TheSweet BabyThat’s Not What I Heard2000
Gossip, TheWhere the Girls AreThat’s Not What I Heard2000
Great Crusades, TheThe StrangerThe First Spilled Drink of the Evening1999
Great Crusades, TheBeautiful DrunkThe First Spilled Drink of the Evening1999
Great Crusades, TheChevy NovaDamaged Goods2000
Great Crusades, TheLiquor ParkDamaged Goods2000
Green DayChurch on SundayWarning2000
Green DayMinorityWarning2000
Green DayHolidayAmerican Idiot2004
Green DayBoulevard of Broken DreamsAmerican Idiot2004
Green DayExtraordinary GirlAmerican Idiot2004
Guided by VoicesEchos MyronBee Thousand1994
Guided by VoicesI Am a ScientistBee Thousand1994
Guided by VoicesBack to the LakeUniversal Truths and Cycles2002
Guided by VoicesEverywhere with HelicopterUniversal Truths and Cycles2002
Harper, BenRoses from My FriendsThe Will to Live1997
Harper, BenThe Will to LiveThe Will to Live1997
Harvey, PJDressDry1992
Harvey, PJSheela-Na-GigDry1992
Harvey, PJOh My LoverDry1992
Harvey, PJPlants and RagsDry1992
Harvey, PJFountainDry1992
Harvey, PJWaterDry1992
Harvey, PJVictoryDry1992
Harvey, PJDriving4-Track Demos1993
Harvey, PJRid of Me4-Track Demos1993
Harvey, PJHardly Wait4-Track Demos1993
Harvey, PJEasy4-Track Demos1993
Harvey, PJ50ft QueenieRid of Me1993
Harvey, PJYuri-GRid of Me1993
Harvey, PJDryRid of Me1993
Harvey, PJA Perfect Day EliseIs This Desire?1998
Harvey, PJThe GardenIs This Desire?1998
Harvey, PJNo Girl So SweetIs This Desire?1998
Harvey, PJAngeleneIs This Desire?1998
Harvey, PJThe RiverIs This Desire?1998
Harvey, PJThe Sky Lit UpIs This Desire?1998
Harvey, PJIs This Desire?Is This Desire?1998
Harvey, PJThe Whores Hustle and the Hustlers WhoreStories from the City, Stories from the Sea2000
Harvey, PJBig ExitStories from the City, Stories from the Sea2000
Harvey, PJGood FortuneStories from the City, Stories from the Sea2000
Harvey, PJOne LineStories from the City, Stories from the Sea2000
Harvey, PJShameUh Huh Her2004
Harvey, PJWho the Fuck?Uh Huh Her2004
Harvey, PJThe LetterUh Huh Her2004
Harvey, PJNo Child of MineUh Huh Her2004
HeartCrazy on YouDreamboat Annie1976
Heavens to BetsyTerroristCalculated1994
Hendrix, JimiAre You Experienced?Are You Experienced?1967
Hendrix, JimiPurple HazeAre You Experienced?1967
Hendrix, JimiManic DepressionAre You Experienced?1967
Hendrix, JimiI Don’t Live TodayAre You Experienced?1967
Hendrix, JimiThird Stone from the SunAre You Experienced?1967
Hendrix, JimiHighway ChileAre You Experienced? (bonus track)1967
Hendrix, JimiCastles Made of SandAxis: Bold as Love1967
Hendrix, JimiSpanish Castle MagicAxis: Bold as Love1967
Hendrix, JimiVoodoo Child (Slight Return)Electric Ladyland1968
Hendrix, JimiAll Along the WatchtowerElectric Ladyland1968
Hendrix, JimiMachine GunBand of Gypsys1970
Hendrix, JimiWho Knows?Band of Gypsys1970
Hendrix, JimiStepping StoneFirst Rays of the New Rising Sun1997
Hendrix, JimiDriving South (from Top Gear, recorded 10/6/67)BBC Sessions1998
Herrmann, BernardVertigo, SuiteThe Film Scores (Los Angeles Philharmonic)1996
Hiatt, JohnPerfectly Good GuitarPerfectly Good Guitar1993
Hiatt, JohnTennesse PlatesHiatt Comes Alive at Budokan?1994
Hiatt, JohnCry LoveWalk on1995
Hiatt, JohnCrossing Muddy WatersCrossing Muddy Waters2000
Hives, TheMain OffenderVeni Vidi Vicious2000
Hives, TheOutsmartedVeni Vidi Vicious2000
Hives, TheHate to Say I Told You SoVeni Vidi Vicious2000
Hives, TheKnock KnockVeni Vidi Vicious2000
Hives, TheSupply and DemandVeni Vidi Vicious2000
Hives, TheAbra CadaverTyrannosaurus Hives2004
Hives, TheTwo-Timing Touch and Broken BonesTyrannosaurus Hives2004
Hives, TheNo Pun IntendedTyrannosaurus Hives2004
Hives, TheB Is for BrutusTyrannosaurus Hives2004
Hives, TheLove in PlasterTyrannosaurus Hives2004
HoleVioletLive Through This1994
HoleMiss WorldLive Through This1994
HoleJennifer’s BodyLive Through This1994
HoleCredit in the Straight WorldLive Through This1994
HoleI Think That I Would DieLive Through This1994
HoleGutlessLive Through This1994
HoleRock StarLive Through This1994
HoleNorthern StarCelebrity Skin1998
HolePlaying Your SongCelebrity Skin1998
HoleCelebrity SkinCelebrity Skin1998
Holmes BrothersSpeaking in TonguesSpeaking in Tongues2001
Holmes BrothersI Want to Be ReadySpeaking in Tongues2001
Hot Hot HeatBandagesMake Up the Breakdown2002
Hot Hot HeatIn CairoMake Up the Breakdown2002
Hot Hot HeatNo, Not NowMake Up the Breakdown2002
Hüsker DüSomething I Learned TodayZen Arcade1984
Hüsker DüBroken Home, Broken HeartZen Arcade1984
Hüsker DüStanding by the SeaZen Arcade1984
Hüsker DüPink Turns to BlueZen Arcade1984
Hüsker DüWhateverZen Arcade1984
Hüsker DüThe Tooth Fairy and the PrincessZen Arcade1984
Hüsker DüTurn on the NewsZen Arcade1984
Hüsker DüFlexible FlyerFlip Your Wig1985
Hüsker DüEvery EverythingFlip Your Wig1985
Hüsker DüGreen EyesFlip Your Wig1985
Hüsker DüFind MeFlip Your Wig1985
Hüsker DüThe Girl Who Lives on Heaven HillNew Day Rising1985
Hüsker DüShe Floated AwayWarehouse: Songs and Stories1987
InterpolObstacle 1Turn on the Bright Lights2002
InterpolPDATurn on the Bright Lights2002
InterpolObstacle 2Turn on the Bright Lights2002
InterpolStella Was a Diver and She Was Always DownTurn on the Bright Lights2002
InterpolRolandTurn on the Bright Lights2002
InterpolThe NewTurn on the Bright Lights2002
Isaak, ChrisTwo HeartsSan Francisco Days1993
Isaak, ChrisSolitary ManSan Francisco Days1993
Isaak, ChrisSpeak of the DevilSpeak of the Devil1998
Isaak, ChrisBlack FlowersSpeak of the Devil1998
Jimmy Eat WorldBleed AmericanJimmy Eat World2001
Jules, GaryMad WorldTrading Snakeoil for Wolftickets2001
Killing JokeThe Death and Resurrection ShowKilling Joke2003
Killing JokeTotal InvasionKilling Joke2003
Killing JokeBlood on Your HandsKilling Joke2003
Killing JokeThe House That Pain BuiltKilling Joke2003
Kills, TheCat ClawKeep on Your Mean Side2003
King Crimson21st Century Schizoid ManIn the Court of the Crimson King1969
King CrimsonEpitaphIn the Court of the Crimson King1969
King CrimsonThe Court of the Crimson KingIn the Court of the Crimson King1969
King CrimsonRedRed1974
King CrimsonStarlessRed1974
KMFDMJuke Joint JezebelNihil1995
L7ShitlistBricks Are Heavy1992
Langford, Jon, and The Pine Valley CosmonautsGary Gilmore’s EyesThe Executioner’s Last Songs2002
Langford, Jon, and The Pine Valley CosmonautsPoor Ellen SmithThe Executioner’s Last Songs2002
Langford, Jon, and The Pine Valley CosmonautsJudgement DayThe Executioner’s Last Songs2002
Le TigreDeceptaconLe Tigre1999
Le TigreHot TopicLe Tigre1999
Le TigreMy My MetrocardLe Tigre1999
Le TigreSlideshow at Free UniversityLe Tigre1999
Le TigreWhat’s Yr Take on CassavettesLe Tigre1999
Le TigreSweetieCalling All Kings and Queens (compilation)2001
Le TigreOn GuardFeminist Sweepstakes2001
Los LobosKiko and the Lavender MoonKiko1992
Los LobosLuz de Mi VidaGood Morning Aztlán2002
Los LobosGood Morning AztlánGood Morning Aztlán2002
Los LobosMalaquéGood Morning Aztlán2002
Los LobosMaria ChristinaGood Morning Aztlán2002
Lovett, LyleIf I Had a BoatPontiac1987
Lovett, LylePrivate ConversationThe Road to Ensenada1996
Lovett, LyleThe Road to EnsenadaThe Road to Ensenada1996
Lovett, LyleFlyin’ ShoesStep Inside This House1998
Magnetic Fields, TheI Don’t Believe Youi 2004
Mamas and the Papas, TheCalifornia Dreamin’If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears1966
Mann, AimeeRed VinesBachelor No. 22000
Mann, AimeeHigh on Sunday 51Lost in Space2002
Mann, AimeePavlov’s BellLost in Space2002
Mann, AimeeToday’s the DayLost in Space2002
Mark Lanegan BandWhen Your Number Isn’t UpBubblegum2004
Mark Lanegan BandMetamphetamine BluesBubblegum2004
Mark Lanegan BandCan’t Come DownBubblegum2004
Mars Volta, TheInertiatic ESPDe-Loused in the Comatorium2003
Mars Volta, TheCicatriz ESPDe-Loused in the Comatorium2003
Mars Volta, TheEriatarkaDe-Loused in the Comatorium2003
Mars Volta, TheThis Apparatus Must Be UnearthedDe-Loused in the Comatorium2003
Mars Volta, TheTake the Veil Cerpin TaxtDe-Loused in the Comatorium2003
Massive AttackRisingsonMezzanine1998
Massive AttackInertia CreepsMezzanine1998
Massive AttackBlack MilkMezzanine1998
Massive AttackMezzanineMezzanine1998
Massive AttackGroup FourMezzanine1998
McLachlan, SarahBuilding a MysteryMirrorball1999
Mellencamp, JohnRain on the ScarecrowScarecrow1985
Mellencamp, JohnWhat If I Came KnockingHuman Wheels1993
Mellencamp, JohnHuman WheelsHuman Wheels1993
Mellencamp, JohnWhen Jesus Left BirminghamHuman Wheels1993
Mellencamp, JohnJerryMr. Happy Go Lucky1996
Mellencamp, JohnEmotional LoveMr. Happy Go Lucky1996
Mellencamp, JohnThe Full CatastropheMr. Happy Go Lucky1996
Mellencamp, JohnCircling Around the MoonMr. Happy Go Lucky1996
MetallicaThe WaitGarage Days Re-Revisited1987
MetallicaThe Small HoursGarage Days Re-Revisited1987
MetallicaBlackened... And Justice for All1988
MetallicaThe UnforgivenMetallica1991
MetallicaThe Memory RemainsReload1997
MetallicaDie, Die My DarlingGarage Inc.1998
MetallicaFranticSt. Anger2003
MetallicaSweet AmberSt. Anger2003
MetallicaThe Unnamed FeelingSt. Anger2003
Mighty Mighty Bosstones1/2/08Let’s Face It1997
Mighty Mighty BosstonesBreak So EasilyLet’s Face It1997
Mighty Mighty BosstonesNevermind MeLet’s Face It1997
Mighty Mighty BosstonesRiot on Broad StreetPay Attention2000
Modest Mouse3rd PlanetThe Moon and Antarctica2000
Modest MouseTiny Cities Made of AshesThe Moon and Antarctica2000
Modest MouseThe Cold PartThe Moon and Antarctica2000
Modest MouseAlone Down ThereThe Moon and Antarctica2000
Modest MouseI Came as a RatThe Moon and Antarctica2000
Modest MouseWhat People Are Made ofThe Moon and Antarctica2000
Modest MouseOcean Breathes SaltyGood News for People Who Love Bad News2004
Modest MouseBury Me with ItGood News for People Who Love Bad News2004
Monster MagnetDoomsdayGod Says No2001
Monster MagnetTake ItGod Says No2001
Mould, BobBlack Sheets of RainBlack Sheets of Rain1990
Mould, BobNew #1The Last Dog and Pony Show1998
Mr. BungleArs MoriendiCalifornia1999
Mr. BungleNone of Them Knew They Were RobotsCalifornia1999
Mr. BungleThe Air-Conditioned NightmareCalifornia1999
Mr. BungleGoodbye Sober DayCalifornia1999

Artists N-Z

Love your list, but even more, I love what you said before the list.

I appriciate your words and your opinion, but I have to ask...did you NOT like Cat Powers “Shaking Paper”?

Rock on!

Gina Marie

i found most of my cd collection also being described. Great list, took notes on what i didnt recognize. one question though � no pavement ?

fabuloso ...

you obviously doesn’t have enough björk and aimee mann albums.. to me lost in space is aimee’s worst album. and i’d say that selmasongs is the worst björk album too.. since it’s not very personal.. and ya.. the others are just better i think ;/

Keep up the great work on your blog. Best wishes WaltDe

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