Link Dump

Odds and ends before we head off to New Orleans for a wedding. (Congratulations Theo and Jenny! Please do not spawn; the world has enough journalists.)

  • For those who like articulate, incisive writing about inarticulate, blind characters, check out this treasure trove at The House Next Door, along with this insightful review of the season premiere of The Sopranos.
  • Roger Ebert offers a fascinating, thoughtful review of Unknown White Male.
  • And Slate, prompted by the World Baseball Classic, asks: Why is baseball season so fucking long? I was surprised at how compelling I found the argument that baseball could indeed operate much like the NFL — 16-game seasons over four months — and still have meaningful results. The author essentially claims that baseball’s pace, timbre, and casual attitude toward losing are functions of a long season, rather than a necessity because of the need for a large sample size.

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