An Early Contender for Sentence of the Year

Nominated for its brevity, its simplicity, its expressiveness, and its sonic shape:

“They’d boo free pie.”
Google confirms the phrase as original.

Update, 2006.05.17. A reader writes:

The phrase itself appears to be new, but the concept isn’t. Check this from It concerns King George’s Hall, a concert venue in Blackburn, Lancashire (4,000 holes in ... ), widely regarded in the 1970s as the worst place in England to play a gig.

“But when that ’70s article — which filled me with a mixture of deep shame and inverted pride — was written, it re-cycled the old Blackburn joke that if the very Beatles themselves had reformed for a one-off at KGH and ticket-buyers had been promised a free meat-and-potato pie on entry, the suspicious reaction would have been: ‘That’s fair enough, but whose pies are they?’”

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