Canadian? Or the Young Marcia Cross?

Cinematical is was running a caption contest for this photo:

Canadian? Or the young Marcia Cross?

Alas, at the request of some evil movie studio, the photo has been replaced and the offered captions deleted.

Before it was pulled, though, the contest generated two fantastic responses (offered here with some more-conventional spelling and punctuation):

“Can you spot the Canadian?”


“Then came Desperate Houswives: The Early Years, and for a time it was good.”

My offering for the replacement contest:

“After hours of aimless driving, the cast of Little Miss Sunshine was losing hope that it would ever find the far-superior previous incarnation of ‘Caption This.’”

The deadline for the new, decidedly less-fun contest is 5 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on Wednesday, July 26.

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