Nothing New Under the Sun

It was with great horror (okay, mild annoyance at myself) that I returned to comments by Dan Jardine at Cinemarati and saw a striking resemblance to some ideas I expressed on Superman Returns.

While I doubt I’d be accused of plagiarism, it’s clear that Dan planted a seed in my brain, and I should have cited him in my essay.

He wrote:

“I wonder about his purpose on this planet. Is his raison d’etre really to save people whose breaks [sic] have failed? Are there no larger problems he could tackle? Also, ... the film gives some lip service to the notion that Superman’s heroics will act as inspiration to humans, who might then improve their own lot by upgrading their behavior to match Superman’s. Yet, can you point to a single character who makes any significant step forward toward heroic levels of greatness other than Superman?”

So if you disagree with my assessment of the movie, blame him.

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