Alejandro Escovedo at River Roots Live

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Download Alejandro Escovedo: Concert Recording (mp3, 28.7 MB).

Alejandro Escovedo (right) at River Roots LiveMy recording of Alejandro Escovedo’s one-hour set at River Roots Live in Davenport, Iowa, on Saturday, September 23, 2006.

I changed a few settings for Saturday’s recording, and I think it sounds better. I’d love to get some feedback in the comments section of this entry and the Martin Sexton recording I posted yesterday. I’m trying to see if projects such as this are worth your and my time.

Thanks for these. I think they sound pretty damn good. Typical audience noise, but definitely worth the effort.

Yes, I agree with Culley. Thank you so much for these. If you didn’t take the time to record these, you would be like everyone else! Also, my website is linked up to my photo page. If anyone would like photos of RRL, they are there for the taking!

hey, nice recording! sounds pretty good! I have never heard of him before seeing him. I’m really digging it though. Thanks a bunch, if you have any other bands post em!

Thanks for the great shows (though I haven’t listened to Martin Sexton’s next on my list). Please post the Junior brown set as well, that was a fun show and I’d love to hear it again. Thanks for your hard work!

Jeff, this is definitely worth my time to find this little nugget of goodness on your site... DIY at its finest.

Thanks for making the effort and and giving us some gems to listen to.

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