Junior Brown at River Roots Live

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Download Junior Brown: Concert Recording (mp3, 30.2 MB).

Junior Brown at River Roots LiveIn part three of my River Roots Live trilogy, I present the September 22, 2006, performance of guitar hero Junior Brown. Junior was a bad boy, using an encore to go over his allotted 60 minutes. You might not be able to tell by listening, but Brown and his guitar did a mean train imitation when a locomotive threatened his set.

This recording is a little funky. Although a single file, the concert is in three distinct sections: the first song followed by a fade; the rest of the set followed by a fade again; and the encore. There is no good reason for this except that in my first attempt at bootlegging, I had a stupid notion about separating songs while recording. Basically, you lose a bit of the second song.

One of the best performers of his craft I feature him on my radio show as much as possible here in Australia - Keep the great work up
The Jazzman

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