The Band-Name Project

You hear it and you cringe immediately. Who the fuck thought of that stupid-ass name?

“Clap Your Hands Say Yeah”? Clap your hands learn to punctuate run-on sentences assholes. Or learn to use a damned conjunction.

“Dogs Die in Hot Cars”? Public-service slogans do not a band name make.

So Culture Snob here introduces a regular feature, offering free band names to whoever wants them. The goal is create the ultimate database of potential band names, to avoid travesties such as those cited above.

That’s not to say these are any good.

Feel free to add your own in the comments, or to modify my offerings, or to alert me that your band is already operating under the moniker “Rubber Colt and the Blue Butts.”

Today’s offerings:

  • Box of Kelp
  • Rubber Colt and the Blue Butts
  • Dirty Anus
  • 132 Gravy Boats
  • Pants Are Missing
  • Glass Boy
  • Angry Hippopotamus
  • Animated Losers
  • Don’t Feed the Reaper

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