Haiku Squared: Trouble Every Day


'Trouble Every Day': Blood! Blood!I have no problem
choosing films of morbid love
from our Netflix queue.

Trouble Every Day
on the recommendation
of The House Next Door.

Movie of few words,
buzzing with a quiet dread,
demands haiku squared.*

Bride of Culture Snob
squirmed and squeezed her eyes shut tight.
Then she wrote the next:

“Passionate biting —
it might have been erotic
but for the wheezing.”


Vincent Gallo: And you thought 'The Brown Bunny' was grossAlways jerking off,
that oily Vincent Gallo,
frantic semen spurts.

A newlywed man,
he fears sex with his fresh bride.
Will a puppy do?

Another woman,
locked in her bedroom, horny.
Doc, I want to die.

Its form is an ache,
accompanied by distress.
One is not sanguine.

A cure they search for,
or merely a connection?
Vampires without fangs.

Trucker, maid, punk-ass:
All want string-less intercourse.
Willing copulants.

It comes with a cost.
“Fucker! That’s not what I meant
when I said, ‘Eat me.’”


Blood lust and hunger
from director Claire Denis,
a disease perhaps.

Metaphor for AIDS?
At least a decade tardy.
Addiction? Too tired.

Viral thirst for flesh.
Vague, abstruse, gnawing, itchy.
Cronenberg jealous.

A gruesome balance
to the sexy cannibal,
Silence of the Lambs.

To all you skin hounds:
Rent it for nipples and pubes.
But beware: gore porn.

* I made up this form,
seven haiku between five,
footnote excepted.

They didn’t fit in to the context of what I was doing, but Bride of Culture Snob also wrote the following haiku:

Addiction to blood
Satisfaction is painful
Sex hardly figures.

Trouble every day
That’s quite an understatement
Time for the backhoe.

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