That’s No Moon. It’s a Blog-a-thon.

Fresh off Culture Snob’s own Misunderstood Blog-a-thon is Edward Copeland’s Star Wars Blog-a-thon on Friday, May 25 — the 30th anniversary of Episode IV’s release in the United States.

A couple of fascinating thematic blog-a-thons are also on the horizon: the Ambitious Failure Blog-a-thon (June 20-24) and the Bizarro Blog-a-thon (August 27-29).

For more upcoming blog-a-thons, check out Copeland’s list here or Squish’s list (and a history of blog-a-thons) here.

Sorry for the oversight. It’s been rectified.

Or, as we say in our anally fixated household, rectumfied.

hahaha I wouldn’t go so far as to say oversight!

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