The Week of Quitting

In the past week, two major movie writers on the Web, Matt Zoller Seitz of The House Next Door and Raymond Young of Flickhead, hung up their stinky blogging shoes. Tim Lucas smells a trend and admits:

“I took a silent vow that I would discontinue this blog if he didn’t come out of his nine-hour surgery alive.”

So in the spirit of the week ...

... I’ll share an entry I started to write on July 9, 2007 — the fourth anniversary of Culture Snob’s birth. It was called “The End”:

“What the hell am I doing here?

“I ask earnestly, because I don’t know.”

(Some connective tissue would have gone here.)

“In terms of movies, I am not as educated, as smart, as perceptive, as incisive, as current, or as comprehensive as many of the critics who inspire me. Bluntly, they often make me feel stupid and unnecessary.”

I did not plan to close Culture Snob at that time, but I was anticipating the day when I would shutter it. With a kid on the way, I expected that this site might not see its fifth birthday. It will, but signs of neglect will be apparent.

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