The Dark Knight: Haiku Squared

(I made up this form,
seven haiku between five,
intro excepted.)


This is the short take,
because the longer version
will take many days.

dark_knight4.jpgOn Saturday night,
The Dark Knight’s eager patrons
were damned attentive.

Stunning politeness
— no cell phones, no chattering —
spoke volumes sans sound.

Yet, while absorbing,
the movie is troublesome,
lesser than Begins.

The former — patient,
its arc elegant. This? A
relentless straight line.


It’s the little things
that goose me, make me sit up —
curious details.

Weekend warriors
with guns and low-tech Batgear
and homemade costumes.

What’s the difference?
“I’m not wearing hockey pants,”
says The Batman, hoarse.

The Joker’s hair a
dark_knight3.jpgdirty dirty-blond, greenish
only from the grease.

Harvey Dent, white knight,
with leftover Nick Naylor,
too good to be true.

Erasing Ms. Holmes,
spunky Maggie Gyllenhaal
sharpens Rachel Dawes.

Her letter: unread
but more cutting than Joker’s
many lethal knives.


Is it possible
to be at once far too blunt
and much too subtle?

dark_knight2.jpgBeat me o’er the head,
lessons of duality,
anarchy, justice:

Batman torn apart;
Joker wants the world to burn;
Dent makes his own luck.

And yet, it’s in there:
Corruption kills good intent,
Gordon is to blame.

If I had a goat:
Batman did the dirty work
for free (Lovett sang).

This review is a-
Breath of fresh air because the
masses heap blind praise.

Many assumed that
This film would be great before
it came; hype was strong.

The Joker died in Jan.
Tragic but did it fuel praise?
Love for the lost star?

Accept my haiku
Yes I count on my fingers
Fueled by coffee.

Dear Jamie: Bravo!
How many fingers have you?
Extra syllables.

Only the best ones
Count on fingers (and toes, too).
Caffeine is life’s blood.

Poor haiku writers
Brevity took for dry wit
Poetry’s winter

Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch.
You should have seen the rejects.
You have wounded me.

Damn, I totally missed those extra syllables.

I have a tendency to write blog comments when I’ve just woken up. I guess that’s a lesson...I should actually finish my coffee before posting.

Hahahaha, I’m sorry. It was a too-easy joke.

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