If you’ve visited here before, you’ll probably notice that Culture Snob has chucked its four-year-old-plus custom design.

The new design is a slightly modified Mid-Century template by Jim Ramsey. This is done in conjunction with a recent upgrade of the publishing software to take advantage of some new features.

For the time being, some features — including audio — are not available.

If you run into any problems, miss any features of the old site, or just need somebody to talk to, please e-mail me at

Update: The audio player on individual articles is now working. Basically, I’m restoring features one at a time to the templates.

Hmmm... I was rather fond of the previous design. Going to take some getting used to.

I was fond of the previous design, too, but it became simply impractical to maintain.

Essentially, my custom design meant that I was being left behind by the publishing system. I couldn’t access new features; other features didn’t work well or at all; and upgrades often broke homemade features.

And with all the fiddling and patching I do, my template code was basically covered in duct tape.

My choice was between a line-by-line fusion of my custom design with standardized templates — a project that would have taken dozens of hours with no guarantee that I’d get it right — or a slight modification of something else I liked. I chose the path of least resistance.

So I’m sorry to see the old design go, but I’m excited as hell that commenting seems so much smoother.

I know the feeling - I need to completely redesign my sidebar, for one, and my current Wordpress theme blocks that out. It’s way more work than I really have time for, and it means that comments are getting left behind. Frustrating as Hell.

Need a webmaster, I guess.

I like the new design, Jeff. It earns two thumbs up from the former intern. And isn’t that the only thing that really matters?

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