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oscar.jpgThe announcement that the Academy Awards will double the number of Best Picture nominees this year has certainly generated buzz, although it has mostly led to jokes about the length of the awards telecast. (And while we’re at it: What’s the deal with airline peanuts?) The Film Experience’s Nathaniel Rogers summarizes the reactions and remains doubtful that the move will broaden the appeal of the nominees:

“Mostly the expanded competitive field will just mean more slots for the type of movies Oscar likes to nominate — i.e., serious dramas, message movies, period pieces, war films, and films that smell of prestige in some way (lauded source material, famous auteurs, you know the type).”

I’m skeptical of his skepticism — at least looking backward.


Do you like or dislike the idea of expanding the number of Best Picture Oscar nominees from five to 10?

Voting is now closed for this poll, but here are the results:

Total votes: 21

For 2 hours, ‘TAOJJBTCRF’ seems to wander enigmatically with a sharp eye. But its final 30 minutes pierce as themes coalesce novelistically.

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The consensus apex of the Star Trek films, ‘Khan’ opens as slowly as its forebear and only eclipses it when the Genesis and Spock plots meet

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Once you get past the torpid first hour, 1979’s ‘Star Trek’ is shockingly compelling - a leisurely puzzle that presages ‘BSG’ and its themes

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Twitter Review: Up

‘Up’ made me cry at least twice, but its well-supported message undercut its admittedly spectacular spectacle. That’s its point and problem.

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‘Star Trek’ - Brisk, elegant, and thin, Abrams’ reboot draws its gravity from Leonard Nimoy, funny and illogically emotional. Pegg is a hoot

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