Neko Notes

With the release of a new album, Fox Confessor Brings the Flood, out this week, it’s time to catch up with Culture Snob favorite Neko Case. Harp magazine has a wonderfully perceptive interview here, and I’ve posted an audio recording of my interview with her last summer here (14 minutes, mp3, 2.7 megabytes). (My original article is here.)

In Harp, Tom Moon writes that the songs on Fox Confessor Brings the Flood are

“as shadowy and dark as those of Blacklisted, but they follow less conventional pathways. In the past, Case’s narratives unspooled in somewhat orderly, linear fashion, with tidy verses connected by recurring refrains. This time, there’s less structural rigidity. The hooks don’t necessarily erupt on cue or repeat three times before the fadeout. The verses are often fragments. In an attempt to create memorable narratives, the control freak has stopped trying to impose too much order.

‘I want listeners to fill in the blanks, really,’ Case says.”

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