Five Minutes: Pan’s Labyrinth

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(Culture Snob’s fifth offering for its own Misunderstood Blog-a-thon.)

'Pan's Labyrinth': Head to head with the penisIn a previous entry, I noted the disconnect between Guillermo del Toro’s assertion that Pan’s Labyrinth is “not about sexual identity” and the movie’s marketing materials and design.

In this short audio commentary (part of Culture Snob’s Five Minutes series), we look at the toad scene in the movie to undercut the writer/director’s claim even more. Pan’s Labyrinth is very much about sexual identity, particularly a woman’s reproductive power over a man.

Wow. It’s amazing the MPAA let that one get away with R. It’s sheer amphibian porn!

What an interesting thought you propose here. Those are certainly some interesting interpretations of the film.

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