Haiku Squared: Ravenous

(I made up this form,
seven haiku between five,
intro excepted.)


Sick sick sick movies.
Eat some people, fuck the dead.
'Ravenous': Have I told you about my condition?It’s time for haiku!

Are you Ravenous?
Do you see the potency
That human meat gives?

Guy Pearce, his cheekbones,
Gold-rush cannibalism —
What’s there not to like?

Vampires in Deadwood
Is a promising premise,
But David Arquette?

And there’s John Spencer
With curious accent, and
Bueller’s principal.


The setting: the West,
A military outpost
Just past the mountains.

Captain and coward,
John Boyd played dead, swallowed blood,
Gnaws folks in a pinch.

Frozen traveler
Tells of starvation and death.
Corpses sate hunger.

But murder follows,
and to live he had to flee
that warm, blood-stained cave.

'Ravenous': I'm nervous for a reasonOh, but it’s a trap!
And this foreigner also
Is an officer!

Leo McGarry,
That stew isn’t what you think.
Trust us on this one.

Flesh-eating soldiers
— “Don’t ask, don’t tell, watch your back” —
Form a creepy clique.


A reluctant Boyd
Won’t join, yet a muscle meal
Does make him stronger.

A bear-trap embrace.
Boyd is asked: “If I die first,
What you gonna do?”

That question raises
This cannibal’s dilemma:
Eat to live — or die.

Taboos are broken.
Perhaps prohibitions stem
from fear of power.

Still: To steal a soul,
It’s far more palatable
To snap a picture.

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