Antichrist: A Review in Four Tweets

antichrist-2.jpgLars von Trier’s Antichrist in 560 characters over four Tweets: descriptive, positive, a turning point, and ultimately (in both the “finally” and “fundamentally” senses of the word) negative:

  • ‘Antichrist’: Sexually, anatomically, violently graphic; baroque, gothic; the domestic horror of grief succumbs to mayhem; nature is a bitch
  • ‘Antichrist’: Brave, naked filmmaking, rich in theme, metaphor; painfully intimate with an eye to the universal; authentic, raw performances
  • ‘Antichrist’: The mundane mistake of shoes on the wrong feet is its most affecting detail, but the indicated mental illness undoes the movie
  • ‘Antichrist’: Only marginally deniable in its hatred of women, the flesh, therapy; clear insanity undermines attempted resonance; kinda dumb


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